Uncover your target audience and get to know the RMCA market.

Our local market is broad and diverse. We have a quickly growing city that serves as a national medical hub, acres and acres of farmland, and thriving communities.

When we talk about our market, we are referring to the Rochester-Mason City-Austin DMA (RMCA). Marketing in this region will give you access to people who range across generations and buying needs. In this article, we begin to know the audience and how to uncover insights on your audience.

Let’s define the DMA and RMCA.

Designated Market Areas (DMA) are pre-defined media regions of the United States that define television and radio markets. Generally centered around metropolitan areas, they can spread across various cities, counties, and even state borders. 

The RMCA sprawls across two states from Southeast Minnesota into North Iowa.  

Beyond Rochester and Austin, the Minnesota market is six counties and includes the cities of Albert Lea, Owatonna, Preston, Spring Valley, Byron, Rushford, Stewartville, and Eyota. 

In North Iowa, the RMCA covers seven counties and includes the cities of Clear Lake, Charles City, Cresco, Osage, Northwood, and Manly. 

Who lives in the RMCA? 

If we zoom in, according to Nielsen-Scarborough, we know that around 303,315 adults live in this area.

4% Gen Z

22% Millennials

22% Gen X

34% Baby Boomers

18% Silent Generation

Data also shows a fairly even split regarding gender, with 51% women and 49% men.

62% have some college education or higher with an $87,000 average household income.

There are many stories to tell with the data in the RMCA market. Contact us and ask for the full report.

Rochester-Mason City-Austin DMA demographic generation chart

A guide to reaching your target audience with advertising.

There are many ways to reach the RMCA audience through advertising. At Twelve36 Marketing, we concentrate on using different tactics that reach buyers at all stages of their customer journey. 

First, it’s essential to take a look at what the data says. What do your customer demographics tell you about where they live or the best medium to target them? Do different target audiences need separate messages? Using the data to make informed decisions will lead you on the path to results. 

Working with a local broadcaster, you can find TV advertising that hits just the right demographic you are looking to attract. Boost awareness on your brand to a broad audience while putting a face to your name. 

Radio buys can help build brand awareness through ad spots on targeted local stations. While some can reach across the entire DMA, many are more targeted to particular communities. 

When it comes to reaching within and beyond the RMCA borders, digital advertising gives you unique opportunities to not only find new audiences but draw in purchase decisions. Dependent on your strategy, this could encompass banner ads on local news sites, keyword targeting with search engine marketing, programmatic video advertising, and streaming tv.

Uncover more insights with your custom market report.

Data is behind everything we do. So let us uncover insights that will elevate your marketing strategy. 

Your Strategic Marketing Executive will scour the data to find out more about your audience and how it compares to the RMCA market. Get insights on who to target, when to target them, and the advertising strategies to reach this ideal group. 

Together we’ll find the right customers to grow your success. To get a free report and uncover more insight, contact us at hello@twelve36.com or with the form below. 

Contact us today and discover insights that will elevate your marketing strategy.

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