Meet Olivia: Learn how consumer profiles can help define your advertising strategy

In this (not yet) post-pandemic world, knowing where to reach your audience has changed. Having the right tools to define and target the right customers can get your business going again.

As a business owner or marketing exec, knowing what media your customers — ideal or marginal — consumes has always been essential to building a smart marketing plan. But behaviors have changed out of necessity and governing orders. 

Let’s add some innovation to your marketing plans with data insights. 

Meet Olivia

Olivia represents a local market segment that we, at Twelve36, know many brands should be reaching. She represents just one of our eighteen consumer profiles, built based on local market data. With over 17,700 consumers matching this profile, targeting Oliva’s will hit at least 5.7% of our RMCA market.

In her 40s to 50s, she has a household income of $160,000, married with children, and owns her home. Olivia likely works in business and management, social services, healthcare, or design industries. In the coming year, she might take continuing education classes, buy and sell a home, and possibly expect a grandchild. 

Olivia is living her best life but wants to know how to support her local businesses right now. And above all, this is her community, and she wants to see it come out of this pandemic whole. 

How do you reach Olivia? 

There is not one single track that is going to work for reaching Olivia through advertising. She watches local TV, reads the newspaper, and streams music. That is why we recommend a wide range of tactics in your marketing strategy.

Strategies we recommend: 

  • Spots around morning local news 
  • Primetime spots such as The Bachelor or Dancing with the Stars 
  • Ads in the weekend edition of the local paper
  • Programmatic digital banner ads with a strong call to action
  • Video pre-roll on news websites 

In other words, with over 17,700 Olivia’s in the RMCA market, taking a multi-pronged approach with your local advertising dollars will go far to reach this customer.

Olivia - One consumer profile from Twelve36 Marketing

Local businesses understand the importance of knowing their customer.  To shine a light on who that might be, our local businesses need data that’s both insightful and relevant to our Southeastern Minnesota – North Iowa market.  This is why we turn to Nielsen Scarborough’s decades-refined Consumer Survey to help us paint the portrait of who that customer is and how to properly reach them. 

At Twelve36 Marketing, we’ve uncovered 18 unique consumer profiles that represent the makeup of our local market.

What we’re learning from consumer profiles

While digging through the data, we first started to see patterns in how people behave in our local market. Including buying behaviors, ways they consume media, and what activities people enjoy in their free time. Our data analyst then found that these patterns tell us that people watch local news, buy from local stores, and explore digital frontiers. Finally, we began aligning these behaviors to local marketing strategies and discovered opportunities to grow customers for many local industries.

It’s time to look at your marketing strategy and ask:

  • Is your target customer in the market to buy?
  • Are you reaching “marginal” customers?
  • Are you using the right messages for the right audience?
  • Is data driving your advertising decisions?

What’s next? 

If you are ready to learn more about Olivia (…or even seventeen others), contact us to set up a consultation and start building a local advertising strategy that will get Olivia’s in your door. 

Twelve 36 Marketing is a team of data-centric marketing champions who work the numbers to discover what marketing and advertising touchpoints connect your brand to your customers. Whether it’s broadcast TV or digital marketing, together, we can build the smartest marketing decisions for your dollar. Located in Rochester, Minnesota with a footprint that reaches throughout Southeast Minnesota and North Iowa.

If you are interested in getting in touch with a Strategic Marketing Executive and learn how we use data to connect to customers, connect with us today.

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