Getting back to business

5 ways to let your customers know you are back!

Back to business. Something we never knew we’d have to say. As we all navigate through 2020, you need to find more ways to stay connected with your customers.

92% of Americans said they wanted to continue hearing from brands, according to MRI SimmonsCOVID-19 Consumer Insights Study, from April this year.

In that same study, researchers found that people are looking most forward to seeing family and friends, going to restaurants or bars, and shopping. How does your business fit in with these desires? Can you adjust your messaging to connect to this audience?


Take steps now as people are easing back into normalcy:

Keep social media up-to-date

Share your hours, any new policies, and the latest changes on all of your social media platforms.

Scream it from the social mountain, “WE ARE OPEN!”

Facebook allows you to pin a post to the top of your page so you can continue providing updates but keep the priority content right where your audience sees it.

Utilize your email list

Now is the time to connect with your most loyal customers. Outline what changes you have made and how they can support you yet this year.

Ask for feedback. What kind of changes do they want to see? Do they want more online shopping options or maybe curbside pickup? How can you help them adjust during COVID-19?

Host a virtual video session

Talk about new products or services while asking for questions. With Facebook Live, it’s easy to do it from your phone, allowing customers to join the conversation.

Sponsor local virtual events

Don’t want to host your own virtual event? We’re seeing lots of new virtual concerts and events. Reach out to bands, artists, and organizers and suggest a co-sponsorship. It lets the community know you are still here and to support them no matter the changes.

Advertise locally

Place ads next to local news on-air, online, or in print. 54% of Americans follow the news more closely according to the MRI Simmons, COVID-19 Consumer Insights Study from April. Being in front of this engaged audience gives your business more access to eyeballs than ever before.


Reopening your business has many steps, check with your local and state government on guidance. For Minnesota businesses, the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce has gathered all of the reopening resources you could need.

Then, tell the world you’re ready for them.

If we can say anything about 2020, it’s that we don’t know what will happen next. And as business owners and leaders, we need to learn to have quick feet and move with the punches.

Get more COVID-19 insights and take steps to let customers you are open by contacting our Strategic Marketing Executive.

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