In Era of Adaptation, are advertising budgets too focused on the bottom of the funnel?

Nielsen has released its yearly marketing report, coining the marketing landscape in 2021 as the Era of Adaptation. After living with the COVID-19 pandemic for over a year, businesses big and small have had to adapt quickly. But what does that mean for their future marketing budgets and advertising spend? Let’s take a quick look at the findings and see where marketers may be missing the mark.

According to research from Nielsen’s report released in early April 2021, survey respondents plan to increase their marketing budgets in a few select channels rather than spread across the board.

Is this strategy missing some key potential customers?

Social Media Advertising

Putting more advertising budgets into social media may see a direct return in the short run, but it is not building brand awareness and connecting brands back to the local community. Our research shows that many lucrative consumer profiles don’t utilize Facebook, the most popular social platform out there.

Paid Search

Often, paid search campaigns can be built for full-funnel marketing if set up correctly and partnered with a solid SEO strategy. These paid ads need to include everything from branding, higher-cost targeted keywords, and direct shopping ads.

While search needs to be a part of any business’s marketing strategy in the Era of Adaptation, people’s search behavior needs to come from somewhere. Without a top-of-the-funnel strategy, like broadcast TV, search tactics will not be fully utilized.

Video Advertising

As we look across Nielsen’s graph at video tactics, businesses plan on spending more advertising budgets on video online/mobile. And many decreasing or not attempting Connected TV or Linear TV, two top-of-the-funnel video approaches. Who are they not reaching by not pairing broadcast, OTT, CTV, and programmatic video?

Our strategy at ABC 6 is to use the Twelve36 Marketing process and dive deep into local consumer behavior. From there, we identify not only your top customers but those you may be leaving behind. Having the data on our side, we can then work with you to plan the best marketing tactics to reach all of your potential customers.

For 2021, it’s time to blend your advertising tactics to not only meet your customers where they are but to meet all of your customers.