Mac Network Utility

Note: The Network Utility app is included in macOS and was relocated to /System/Library/CoreServices/Applications.

The Network Utility is a collection of tools that helps provide information for troubleshooting network issues. It can also assist with network security by providing functionality like port scanning.

The Network Utility is not a replacement for Nmap or other security utilities, but can certainly be helpful when you forget to install Nmap or just feel lazy and don’t want to enter commands manually into Terminal. 

The Network Utility includes NetstatPing, Lookup, TracerouteWhoisFinger, and Port Scan. These tools can quickly help with the following tasks:

  • Check network routing tables and stats.
  • Check connections between you another machine.
  • Query your DNS servers.
  • Trace the paths of your network or internet traffic.
  • Scan for open network ports.

Launching Network Utility

You can quickly open the Network Utility from Spotlight or the Terminal application.

  • Use Spotlight by hitting “Command-Space” from the keyboard and typing in “Network Utility”.
  • From in Utilities use the “open” command.


open /System/Library/CoreServices/Applications/Network\