Pok3r Keyboard MacOS Layout

Getting Started

Here are some resources to get you started if you have not tinkered with the keyboard at all. I recommend before modifying the key programming you get the latest firmware.

Official Vortex website, which has the firmware updates and keyboard manual.

The Reddit Community Guide

Command & Option keys

Add Command and Option keys on both sides of the space bar.
To program this configuration, we will be using Layer 3 (Red light) by applying the FN + >. key.

  1. FN + R_Ctrl to enter programming
  2. Left Command: L_Alt → then L_WIN → then PN
  3. Left Option: L_WIN → then L_Alt → then PN
  4. Right Command: R_Alt → then R_FN (Win) → then PN
  5. Right Option: R_FN (Win) → then R_Alt → then PN
  6. FN + R_Ctrl to exit programming

WASD Arrow Keys

Here is the programming to switch IJKL for WASD arrow keys.

  1. FN + R_Ctrl to enter programming
  2. Hold down FN and W → Let go of W →  Let go of FN → then PN
  3. Hold down FN and I → Let go of I → Let go of FN → then PN
    • Repeat for the rest of the keys.
  4. FN + R_Ctrl to exit programming

Restore Factory Programming

Along the way, if you mess anything up you can restore the individual the layers or the whole keyboard.

  • Layer by Layer: Hold down FN + R
  • All Layers: Hold down both R_Alt and L_Alt

Note: you may need to hold down the keys or combination of keys for 5 seconds.